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Services - Let's Cut to the Chase

Inflation . . Recession . . whatever you want to call it, we have to adapt to survive.

That means getting the most "bang for your buck".


Below are the services offered by our local company.  We are hands on and again, local (meaning we will personally visit your business for content for your desired service).  And meaning we can and will customize a plan and price that works best for your budget.  Since we are not a large company (4 employees) we can work with you where your business gets noticed and we make enough to weather this storm with you.

For a complimentary "in-person" consultation call me, Brian Laurent at 843 319-3180


Google Business Page

Possibly the most important tool and a must have! From info about your business, to pics, videos, location, reviews and review responses and more.  Making the most of the Google business page increases your SEO and provides the most information on the "go-to" search engine.  Starts at $39/month.


Website Maintenance

Websites are still important but not nearly as important as they used to be with the advent of so many social media apps.  However, it is still important to keep it up to date and maintained.  A dormant website makes people question if you are still in business.  We build them, update them and maintain them.


Facebook Maintenance

"I don't need someone to post for me on Facebook.  I can do that myself." said the person who starts off strong and a year later finds that they are only posting once a week.  FB, like all social media sites MUST be active and posted to consistently and on FB at least 5 times a week.  Specialized ads need to be boosted.  Pictures of happy customers should be all over your FB page. etc., etc.  We can do this for you! 


Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace!  A whole other tool that's an extension of Facebook but seperate.  FB Marketplace is the new and improved "Craig's List". When used properly and consistently, it increases sales measurably.  FB no longer sends products automatically to Marketplace.  But we can take care of posting, renewing and maintaining your Marketplace! 

Call me and let's see if I can help - 843 319-3180



Customers attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.  Instagram is now popular with over 120 million Americans.  It is popular for short entertaining videos and pics.  Businesses are utilizing this tool to reach customers where they are at.  "Picture This" is also working with the two most popular social media apps to expand company awareness in unique, interesting and fun ways. 


Tik Tok

Tik Tok is popular with onver 80 million Americans and growing daily.  So obviously, it is also an avenue that cannot be or should not be ingored when seeking your customer base especially when that customer base is getting more and more frugal.    

After a  complimentary consultation, we can

mix-and-match packages until we find the right

one for you at an affordable price!

Call me and let's see if I can help - 843 319-3180

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