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Just Maintenance

Have you already got your website and a Facebook page?

GREAT, that's the easy part!

It is now viatally important that your website and FB page is kept fresh and up to date.

There are different ways that we can receive information from you to maintain your website weekly and your Facebook page daily.

But the most important thing is to make it simple and convenient for you.  You can send us a bulletin every week the old fashioned way or by email and we will keep your website current.  Some of the items we will maintain for you could be as follows:

* New Member names and pics

* Calendar of events

* Your staff page

* Pictures of special events

* Audio/Video sermons or full services

* and more!

One of the biggest benefits is keeping your Facebook current and interesting also.  We can also set up event reminders for all of your churches FB friends through event reminders.

When ever necessary, we can edit your website at your request.  If there is anything on your website you want to add/delete/change on your website, just send us your request and we will handle that within two business days.

The maintenance service can be as low as $79 a month!  Contact Angelica for details.  


We do not have contracts and work on a month by month basis.

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